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While selecting the staff, we undertake the following key steps:

  • Initial consultation with the customer;
  • Creation and publication of a job advertisement;
  • Formation of an initial list of the candidates;
  • Interview with candidates;
  • Checking the references;
  • Formation of a final list of the candidates.

The exceptional feature of Recruitment Services LT is speed and efficiency, thus, we are perfect at selection of high number of employees.

Selection of specialists. During selection, we use the evaluation methods that are most suitable for a particular case. They allow revealing the competences, personal characteristics and motivation of a candidate. We use the evaluation tools as psychological tests, other psychometric instruments.

Selection of other staff. We use our database and other verified search sources for selection of qualified and unskilled staff. We pay a lot of attention on motivation, personal characteristics of staff, seeking to ensure a long-term value for our customers.

Recruitment services LT – the company of staff solutions. We closely cooperate with our customers and find the best solutions in the field of human resources.